APS Recognized for Inclusive Workplace



Pinnacle West principal subsidiary Arizona Public Service (APS) received the 2021 Inclusive Workplace Award, a joint award presented by the Diversity Leadership Alliance and the Arizona Society of Human Resources Management.

The award recognizes an Arizona corporation or organization that leads by example, creating an inclusive environment in which employees can be their genuine, authentic selves and partnering on community outreach efforts and support.

“This is a moment of recognition and reflection, and it was an honor to be a finalist for this award, let alone be named the recipient,” said Leila Zaghloul-Daly, manager of culture, learning and inclusion at APS. “Both our 10-Year Strategic Plan and our APS Promise laid the groundwork and reflect the company’s commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. We should take pride in the work we have done so far and recognize that the journey is far from done. We have developed a strong strategic diversity, equity and inclusion plan and have a solid foundation with an inclusive culture we continue to create.”

Zaghloul-Daly said APS rose above the other finalists largely because of its robust, multi-year diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. The strategy incorporates feedback from its Employee Network Groups, gained from their willingness to engage in dialogue through listening sessions, panel discussions and cultural events. In addition, she also credited APS’s officer team for its commitment, support and dedication to its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, recognizing that this work is an important part of who we are as a company. Last, she noted the strong partnerships and outreach with underrepresented groups in the communities APS serves.

“The officer team participated in a full education series over the last several months that helped us understand topics such as worldview, cultural competence, bias and allyship,” said Donna Easterly, the senior vice president of human resources and ethics for APS. “But it’s not a one-and-done effort. We will continue our learning and work on implementing our plan to become an even more diverse and inclusive environment.”

The video below highlights some of APS’s inclusion efforts:

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