A Focus on Sustainability

At Pinnacle West and our primary subsidiary, Arizona Public Service Company (APS), sustainability means we work to meet our business objectives each day by implementing business practices that support a vibrant economy, a healthy environment and strong communities for future generations. Sustainability is important because it drives business value, mitigates risk and enhances brand reputation. Sustainability is ingrained in our culture of excellence and commitment to continuous improvement in all our operations.

Sustainability Focus Areas

  • Energy Innovation

    In the midst of emerging technologies and evolving customer behaviors, APS is building a smarter energy infrastructure to ensure success as a next generation energy company.

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  • Safety and Security

    At APS, safety and security is everyone’s responsibility. Safety and security includes: employee safety, public safety, cybersecurity, data privacy, and physical security.

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  • Water Resources

    As a major electric utility in the desert southwest, we are committed to ensuring we use our water resources as efficiently as possible.

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  • Carbon Management

    By closing coal units, modernizing natural gas plants, deploying renewable energy and energy efficiency, and operating the country’s largest source of clean energy, we are reducing our carbon footprint.

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  • People

    People – employees, customers, suppliers and community members – make the difference at APS.

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