A Focus on Sustainability

At Pinnacle West and our primary subsidiary, Arizona Public Service Company (APS), sustainability means we work to meet our business objectives each day by implementing business practices that support a vibrant economy, a healthy environment and strong communities for future generations. Sustainability is important because it drives business value, mitigates risk and enhances brand reputation. Sustainability is ingrained in our culture of excellence and commitment to continuous improvement in all our operations.

Sustainability Focus Areas

  • Carbon Management

    50 percent of our diverse energy mix is carbon-free, which we reached with a combination of traditional and renewable energy resources and energy efficiency actions.

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  • Energy Innovation

    We are building a smarter energy infrastructure with reliable, cost-efficient integration of emerging technologies, both on the grid and at our customers’ homes and businesses.

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  • Safety and Security

    Safety and security is fundamental to our business. We implement new tools and technologies, train our workforce and develop solutions to reduce physical and cyber threats.

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  • Water Resources

    We are committed to preserving the long-term quality and availability of our water resources, guided by a strategic plan that promotes effective and sustainable water supplies.

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  • People

    The people who work at APS, our suppliers, community partners and customers all play a part in building a sustainable energy future for Arizona.

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