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APS Takes Big-Picture Look at Arizona’s Energy Future in 15-Year Forecast April 12, 2017
Company increasing flexible resources and grid investment to continue providing clean, reliable and affordable electricity PHOENIX – APS customers will benefit from increasingly clean, reliable and affordable energy – and a smarter, stronger energy grid – through steps outlined in the company’s 2017 Integrated Resource Plan. The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), the result of a three-year-long stakeholder process, outlines how APS plans to meet customers’ projected energy needs over the next 15 years. “The 2017 Integrated Resource Plan outlines how our investment in a smarter energy infrastructure will benefit customers through innovation, reliability and more ways to control their energy use,” said  Tammy McLeod , APS Vice President of Resource Management.  “Overall, our energy mix is increasingly cleaner, and we are adding more quick-starting power sources to integrate our growing solar energy resources and emerging technologies.” Specifically, customers may see:...
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