Interview with CEO Guldner explores APS’s clean energy goals and more



Public Utilities Fortnightly's Joseph Paparello and Guidehouse's Chris Rogers recently interviewed APS CEO Jeff Guldner about how APS plans to achieve its clean-energy goals and much more.  

Some key insights from Guldner in the Q&A include:

 On APS’s goal to provide 100% clean, carbon-free electricity to customers by 2050

“It is significant why we picked 2050 as our goal to be a zero-carbon energy system … We will continue to see technology evolution, so you'll start seeing natural gas power plants replaced with the hydrogen, either hydrogen power plants or clean fuel process. Maybe it's carbon capture and sequestration. We don't know all the technical answers of how exactly we're going to get to zero by 2050, but part of the reason to set that goal is because it signals vendors, suppliers, supply chain, and partners that we need to find technology solutions that will help get us to that point.”

On how APS was able to reliably serve throughout last summer’s heat wave that almost played a role in blackouts in California:

“The summers are getting increasingly challenging because of a combination of things. As an industry, we're seeing a lot of the coal retire off the system. In California, there've been a fair amount of power plant retirements and we are all interconnected. Being part of the Western Electric Coordinating Council means we all support each other, and we were able to help that situation.”

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