APS 2020 Integrated Resource Plan Filed


On June 26, Arizona Public Service reached a historic milestone with the filing of its 2020 Integrated Resource Plan.

The IRP always has been an important document to APS. It provides customers, stakeholders and regulators with a 15-year outlook of the utility landscape, including the challenges that lie ahead and the paths that can navigate APS toward success. The IRP is guided by the planning principles that are core to APS: Clean, Reliable, Affordable and Customer Focused.

What differentiates the 2020 IRP from past versions is the company’s ambitious goal to deliver 100 percent clean energy to customers by 2050. Back in January, when the company announced this goal, details were kept high level, leaving interested parties wanting to know more. The 2020 IRP delivers additional details and does so in a collaborative manner.

Building upon engagement with customers and stakeholders, the 2020 IRP provides three paths to reach their goals. Those paths are named “Bridge,” “Shift” and “Accelerate.”

  • The Bridge portfolio is aptly named, as it bridges APS from the tools they have today to the tools they will need tomorrow. It allows for the building of hydrogen-ready, natural gas plants and the extensions of merchant gas purchased power agreements as a lever to manage reliability and affordability.
  • The Shift portfolio shifts APS away from natural gas. It is similar to Bridge with the exception that building new gas generation is excluded.
  • Last, the Accelerate portfolio moves the organization quickly to a cleaner frontier. It is the trickiest, as APS would not be able to construct new gas generation and would not be able to extend purchased power agreements with merchant gas generators. 

Another important distinction of this IRP is that APS has committed to all-source RFPs. All-source RFPs will allow all potential bidders a fair opportunity to provide resources that meet the needs of the enterprise. That doesn’t mean APS will take the lowest-bid resource. Rather, the resource must produce the energy and capacity when needed most, providing the greatest benefit to APS customers.

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