Todd Horton

Todd Horton is senior vice president, Nuclear Regulatory and Oversight at Palo Verde Generating Station for Arizona Public Service Company (APS). Based in Phoenix, APS is Arizona’s largest energy provider, serving approximately 1.4 million customers across the state.

Horton provides leadership at Palo Verde Generating Station — the nation’s largest power producer — for regulatory affairs and nuclear oversight functions, including nuclear assurance, licensing, compliance, environmental, organizational effectiveness, performance improvement and communications. Prior to this role, Horton was responsible for the day-to-day operation of the three units at Palo Verde including maintenance and maintenance projects, work management, chemistry, radiation protection and executive projects. 

Prior to joining APS, Horton held positions as on-line work control manager, operations manager and operations shift manager at St. Lucie Nuclear Plant in Florida. He also worked as a control room supervisor and senior reactor operator (SRO) at Fermi Nuclear Generating Station in Michigan. He obtained SRO licenses from both St. Lucie and Fermi. He started his nuclear energy career serving in the U.S. Navy for eight years.

Horton participated in the INPO nuclear industry executive working group to identify key attributes of maintaining excellence in nuclear plant operation. The resulting document, “Staying on Top,” was published by INPO in 2019. 

He holds an MBA degree from the University of Arizona.

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