Kristine L. Svinicki

Director since: 2023
Committees: Audit; Nuclear and Operating

Kristine L. Svinicki has been a director since 2023. She is an Adjunct Professor, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, at the University of Michigan. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (“NRC”) oversees nuclear power plant operations in the United States. As the former Chairman of the NRC, Kristine brings expertise in all aspects of nuclear energy regulation, operation, technology, cybersecurity, and safety. Her broad national and international experience in all aspects of the nuclear utility industry, nuclear energy, government, and regulation brings value to the Board, particularly from the perspective of our operations at Palo Verde Generating Station and business environment. Kristine’s service with the NRC, including her tenure as Chairman, gives her senior leadership experience in operating large, complex organizations, financial literacy, and human capital management and compensation experience. She is certified in cybersecurity oversight from Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute. 

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