We appreciate the opportunity we have each day to make Arizona a better place. Our employees work to safely and efficiently to deliver reliable energy to meet the changing needs of our 1.2 million customers. Most of our employees and their families also live in the communities we serve, and they volunteer their time and expertise to help those in need. We are also creating robust employment opportunities that promotes a culture of innovation and economic growth for Arizona.


APS employees power our mission to safely and efficiently generate and deliver reliable energy for our customers. Implementing processes and strategies to attract, retain and engage a diverse group of high-performing employees is a primary focus.

We join other industry, education and community partners to create opportunities for Arizona students and unlock the potential in the energy workers of the future. For example, in Buckeye, Arizona, we partner with West-MEC, a career and technical public school district, to offer programs in energy and industrial technology designed to connect today’s young people to the jobs of tomorrow.

Numerous programs help to ensure that we continually support the changing needs, skills and priorities of our employees. As our industry evolves and our workforce requirements change, we assess needs and develop training programs to ensure that our employees have the technical skills and competencies required. Among our many training initiatives in 2017 was a two-day leadership skills segment delivered to more than 100 crew foremen, preparing them to lead crews more effectively in the field.

A focus on succession planning prepares us to fill critical positions with qualified, experienced employees. Succession plans are in place for key positions from the executive level to frontline employees.

We develop employees through a leadership training program that prepares them for roles of greater scope and responsibility. Through gap analysis and diagnostic work, we continually elevate their skills and performance by assessing their competency gaps, creating strong development plans and raising awareness about how they communicate with their teams.

APS is committed to diversity and inclusion in our workforce. Our Executive Diversity Council helps to sharpen our emphasis on attracting talent with varied background and perspective. In 2017, for example, a council initiative increased the number of diverse applicants for our Customer Project Manager hiring class through outreach to relevant community partners and a targeted social media campaign. We also strengthen our employee base through our commitment to support America’s veterans, which represent about 20 percent of our workforce.

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Safety and Security

cip standards

At APS, a commitment to safety and security is fundamental to our business. We maintain a constant state of awareness for emerging physical and cyber security threats.

Organizational changes allowed us to integrate and reinforce security functions. In 2017, we combined our Cybersecurity and Corporate Security groups to form the Enterprise Security Unit. This new unit defends against both cyber and physical threats to our facilities, systems and employees.

Cybersecurity plays an increasingly critical role in protecting data privacy. Our comprehensive Enterprise Security program is built on three essential elements: awareness, defensive posture and resiliency. We work with regulators, industry, government entities, law enforcement, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and third-party experts to protect the grid from the threat of physical and cyber attacks.

Protecting our facilities around the clock is a top priority. Through ongoing security upgrades, we have spent approximately $2.8 million implementing new Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards established by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) at substations and critical facilities. Upgrades include hardening the perimeters of our critical sites as well as enhancements to intrusion detection and video monitoring systems. Additionally, we have invested $1.75 million to upgrade security cameras at generation plants and other substations to provide improved assessment capability against potential intruders.

Our ability to respond to incidents also improved in 2017 with the continued maturation of our Integrated Operations Center. Collocating our Security Operations, Network Operations and Information Security groups into a shared space allows the teams to provide a common operational picture and real-time intelligence. Both are critical to response and recovery efforts as well as incident management.

Our Physical and Cybersecurity Index ─ which measures the company’s overall level of security awareness, defensive posture and resiliency ─ achieved measurable success in 2017. We continue to drive security improvements throughout the organization.

To promote public safety, we provide electrical safety awareness training and educational programs that reach thousands of Arizonans each year. We also work closely with Arizona 811 to assist homeowners and contractors in locating underground electric lines prior to excavation. In 2017 a public safety campaign featuring outdoor, radio and digital ads in English and Spanish.

Safety is deeply ingrained in our employee culture, and our industrial safety performance consistently ranks in the top decile of investor-owned electric utilities, according to the most recent Edison Electric Institute (EEI) survey. Over the past 10 years, we reduced the number of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable injuries by 70 percent. Among the initiatives that have helped drive this improvement is a focus on increased engagement with our safety committees. These committees empower frontline employees to take the lead in strengthening our safety culture with their peers. This year, over 500 of our suppliers engaged in our new contractor safety program.

We develop safety practices and programs that ensure all APS employees and contractors have safe and secure workplaces. Employee security is reinforced through training companywide in situational awareness and responding to violence in the workplace. This year, over 500 of our suppliers engaged in out new contractor safety program.

A sustained focus on safety and continuous improvement is driven by the principles of Human Performance (HP) and the Corrective Action Program (CAP). APS is one of the few energy companies in the nation to implement a companywide CAP, which allows us to identify the causes of problems and implement corrective actions that reduce the likelihood those problems will reoccur. Through our training and support of HP, we have improved our processes and created a culture that better manages risk.

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