Arizona is one of the five fastest-growing states in America and a top-10 state for starting a business. That growth requires an energy provider that delivers clean, affordable and reliable electric service for 1.2 million homes and businesses. It also means relishing our role as stewards for Arizona. Most of our 6,200 employees and their families live in the communities we serve, and we appreciate the opportunity we have each day to make Arizona a better place. Whether it’s keeping the lights on, volunteering in the community or providing employment opportunities for our next generation, we are honored to be part of the fabric of Arizona.

Some of our key social priorities include:

  • Implementing processes and strategies to attract, align, engage and retain our employees
  • Supporting our communities through philanthropy, volunteerism and economic development
  • Offering a growing portfolio of products and services to meet the changing needs of our customers
  • Investing in a smarter, more flexible and resilient energy grid

Learn more about: Employees, Communities, Customers and Grid Resiliency

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