Updated: March 2020

Arizona was the nation’s third fastest-growing states, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Maricopa County, home to metro Phoenix and two-thirds of our customers, was the country’s fasted growing county for the third consecutive year. We are ready to support a growing Arizona now and into the future.

Nearly 1.3 million Arizona homes and businesses count on us for clean, affordable and reliable energy. We take seriously our role as a steward for our state. Most of our 6,200 employees and their families live in the communities we serve, and we appreciate the opportunity we have each day to make Arizona a better place. Whether it’s keeping the lights on, volunteering in the community or providing employment opportunities for the next generation, we are honored to be part of the fabric of Arizona.

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Over the past 130 years, we have built a legacy of doing the right thing for our customers, our state and our company. Our Code of Ethics and Business Practices provides the basic principles that guide our conduct.

The Code of Ethics and Business Practices incorporates the APS Core (below) with an expanded emphasis on safety, privacy and physical security. The code covers a wide range of guidelines for ethical conduct, including being fit for duty, providing a respectful work environment, using company resources appropriately, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting privacy. To emphasize the importance of ethics in the workplace, all employees and members of the board of directors receive annual training on the code.

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