Our vision of creating a sustainable energy future for Arizona sets our direction and describes what APS aspires to be become. It’s our responsibility to be forward-thinking in anticipating and navigating through the evolving industry landscape. The ability to harness and use “big data” to improve operations and customer service is foundational for successful companies and can help our company provide clean, affordable and reliable service. As a regulated company providing an essential service, our ability to thrive and grow depends on the trust and goodwill of our communities and customers.

Digital Transformation and Continuous Improvement

APS has organized business process improvement groups into one department with three Centers of Excellence (COE): Data Management and Data Governance, Continuous Improvement and Corrective Action Program, and Business Solutions Delivery. Each COE focuses on the people, processes and technology necessary to foster a continuous improvement culture based upon self-critical, data-driven insights. Together, they empower our business units through consultative services to become more efficient by providing holistic solutions that can include continuous improvement, data analytics, visualization and automation. These services enable us to transform our business.

Data Management and Data Governance. This COE ensures that data is managed as a strategic asset, establishes governance and oversight of data once authoritative sources are identified and validated and provides methods, tools and processes that drive the excellence and consistency of data management. Using Collibra, the COE provides the foundation necessary to ensure that our company will be able to utilize advanced capabilities that drive performance and accountability while greatly enhancing the ability to build process efficiencies, improve the customer experience, make data more agile and flexible, improve work quality and improve enterprise security.

Continuous Improvement and Corrective Action Program. This COE leverages business processes, event investigation and resolution, and continuous improvement techniques to identify opportunities that promote new ways of thinking and working. They respectfully challenge the way that work is done today seeking to remove barriers and latent organizational weaknesses, plus streamline work in order to increase efficiency, improve operational excellence and reduce duplicative work.

Business Solutions Delivery. This COE delivers solutions using advanced analytics, data visualization or robotic process automation tools. Focused discussions on risk and value promote the critical thinking necessary to ensure ownership and accountability of the delivered solutions.

In the advanced analytics space, the development of the Unit Monitoring analytical model has improved the coordination of unit dispatch between Resource Management and Fossil Operations. The ability to create a real-time view of generating unit performance among Fossil Operations, Resource Management and the western Energy Imbalance Market enables us to understand the real-time energy market to improve financial performance and deliver cost benefits to customers. 

Innowatts was implemented to better use data from Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) deployed among our 1.2 million customers. The advanced analytics tool evaluates customer usage and clusters data into groups based on impacts like weather, time of use or baseload demand. This enables Marketing to develop new programs targeted to meet customer needs and potentially save money on their monthly bills. Resource Management uses the demand profiles to improve day-ahead forecasting, which ensures adequate supply to meet projected customer demand and facilitates the most efficient dispatch of our generating resources. A revenue protection model was developed to detect customer usage deviations that result from by passing our meters, helping Security to investigate potential energy theft.

Digital Transformation and Continuous Improvement is leading our business units to catalogue and organize their data sources in order to optimize the data-rich environment and deliver solutions that enables the units to meet our customers’ needs and deliver value to our shareholders.


APS has built a legacy over the past 130 years of doing the right thing. Our Code of Ethics and Business Practices provides the basic principles that guide our conduct.

The APS Code of Ethics and Business Practices incorporate the APS Core plus expanded emphasis on safety, privacy and physical security. The code covers a wide range of guidelines for ethical conduct, including being fit for duty, providing a respectful work environment, using company resources appropriately, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting privacy. To emphasize the importance of ethics in the workplace, all employees and members of the board of directors receive annual training on the code.

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