Sustainability drives business value, mitigates risk and enhances brand reputation. It is ingrained in our culture of excellence and our commitment to continuous improvement. Our Vice President, Environmental & Chief Sustainability Officer oversees the company’s strategic efforts to integrate sustainable practices into our core business operations.

Our sustainability priority areas integrate directly into the APS Core, which provides the foundation from which we operate and keeps us both aligned and focused. It begins at the center with our vision (what we aspire to be) and our mission (what we do today). Our values guide our decisions and behaviors. Our critical areas of focus are where we direct our work to drive success.

Vision and Mission

Our corporate and business unit metrics and the initiatives supporting them align with the critical areas of focus. Our business plans support our long-term company strategies and provide a focused, well-defined direction. These plans help us prioritize our work, collaborate across the organization, align our resources and measure our progress with rigor and discipline. Our executive officers’ compensation is connected to business unit performance, individual performance and value-driving business metrics. The business unit performance is tied to operational excellence, shareholder value, environment and measures related to our customers, communities and employees.

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