Sustainability Approach

Sustainability is a company-wide commitment at APS. Sustainability is not isolated within a specific group or functional area; rather, sustainability is embedded within each business unit. One of the ways we ensure our business units remain focused on sustainable business practices is through our business planning process, in which, we identify our corporate and business unit metrics that align with our critical areas of focus, business goals and associated corporate initiatives. To ensure we stay aligned, periodic meetings are held with the business units to determine the effectiveness of our sustainability practices.

Business Value

To achieve our vision of creating a sustainable energy future for Arizona, we must also ensure a sustainable future for APS. One way we have organized our work to achieve a sustainable APS is through an effort called the Sustainable Cost Management Initiative (SCMI). First implemented in 2011, the initiative represents a thorough multi-year look at how APS operates, including business planning, goal setting, knowledge retention and transfer, and more. In 2016, APS completed an assessment of our progress on the SCMI which consisted of conducting an employee survey, consulting with executive management, facilitating various focus groups involving all levels of the organization, and reviewing various process documents. The assessment also validated the effectiveness of the initial SCMI efforts. Some noteworthy successes from the initiative are tiered metrics, enhanced employee line of sight to connect their work with corporate goals, and an improved business plan development process. Overall, the initiative has allowed APS to examine ways to do business better and more efficiently and position our company for long-term success.