At APS, safety and security is everyone’s responsibility. Safety and security includes: employee safety, public safety, cybersecurity, data privacy, physical security, and the implementation of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) version 5 requirements.

Employee safety is of paramount concern and a strong focus at APS. We want all employees to go home in the same condition as they came to work. In the last five years, we have reduced the number of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable injuries by 37 percent. Our new challenge is improving on good to become the best. New areas of focus include grass-roots safety committees that give employees ownership of local safety performance and improved tracking of close calls (incidents that didn’t cause an injury but could have) to remedy potential hazards and prevent future injuries.

Educating the public about electrical safety is another important component of our safety work. We reach thousands of Arizonans each year with our public safety programs, including our electrical safety trailer presentations in which line workers show first-hand what contact with electricity can do to a hot dog “hand” or grapefruit “head.”

In addition, our Benjamin FranKlown program brings age-appropriate messages about electrical safety to more than 15,000 students across Arizona each year.

In a world of evolving security threats, keeping our data and operations secure is an increasingly critical area of focus. We have established strong data privacy controls across the organization and use a variety of protective methods to safeguard vital systems. Employees are an important line of defense, and all have completed cybersecurity awareness training. Strong physical security around our facilities and assets, from power plants to transmission towers to substations and beyond, is also critical to our mission of delivering reliable power to our customers.