In the midst of emerging technologies and evolving customer behaviors that are changing the future of energy, APS is building a smarter energy infrastructure to ensure success as a next generation energy company. The industry in general is investing in an increasingly digital and distributed grid network that is a platform for new technologies, providing increasingly customized services to meet customer needs and expectations, and forming relationships with technology companies to enhance products and services to customers.

At APS, we are at the forefront of utilities studying and deploying advanced infrastructure to enable reliable and cost-efficient integration of emerging technologies, both into the grid and with customers. As we integrate these new technologies and approaches with our current solutions, we enhance reliability, increase productivity and better serve our customers. Our energy innovation work has three primary focus areas:

  • Advanced grid technologies, the focus of which is automated metering infrastructure, control of the grid and advanced grid data analytics and visualization;
  • Technology assessment, the focus of which is rooftop solar research and development, solar innovation study, energy storage and microgrids; and
  • Business performance innovation, or new ways of doing business, such as joining the Energy Imbalance Market and interacting with customers through a new technology platform called Project Cinergy.